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Privacy Notice

The company cares about the privacy of our customers. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best shopping experience, and we strive to do so through our online shopping experience. Ltcenergy.ca collects customer data to improve your shopping experience.

survey Ltcenergy.ca collects information about the information of our visitors to our website and information, the technical effectiveness of our website and the browsing information of the service (for example, the time to log in to our website, the page of rapid download). This information allows us to see who is on our website and helps us better understand the larger areas of our guests. "It's the experience of ltcenergy.ca that helps us to identify and deliver more functional services and products, and our visitors are more willing to improve the quality of visitors' online shopping experience by collecting navigation information, non-personally identifiable information (Domain type, browser version, service provider and IP address) Use our website (for example, the latest information about the time that visitors have viewed on our website).

If you cancel the order or do not complete the order, we may collect and use any email address, or you may collect, collect and use once you complete the order and other information. For example, if you open ltcenergy.com and leave the site without completing your order, we can send you an e-mail.

By collecting, using and disclosing personal information, we can assure you that we have collected this site from us, including, but not limited to, creating or maintaining an account, participating in contests, discovering participants in search, Wishlist or send information. Types of information collected by the collection include: name, address, email address, recipient email address, phone number, credit card information, and creative email. This information will be used to place your order for ltcenergy.ca to meet your contact or ordering or delivery difficulties, to receive your situation, to control the requirements, to control products, to meet your requirements and to provide Professionals available services, our products or websites give you information. We use third parties to help us provide payment services, live events, surveys, database maintenance, mail management, recruitment and sweepstakes.

If you choose to subscribe to our mailing list, the information you provide (such as your name, email address, country, gender and age) will be added to the database. Loop allows companies to use their own internal marketing information. We may request information about your interest in your fashion, hobbies or music. This information is collected and sent directly to you. Use your information for us and we may contact you for information or promotions. We do not ask you to provide more information than you need to participate in any activity. Buckle, the company has not sold any personal information to customers, and customers have not provided any third-party personal information to any of our customers.

Ltcenergy.ca is constantly striving to comply with the law. If we recognize that there is reason to believe that we should pursue fraud, intellectual property rights, piracy or other illegal activities and that we violate the disclosure of information about you, we will disclose your information in the correct order , And / or public users.

Do not accept the track
Because we do not have personally identifiable information about the third-party website in connection with the online customer service online business, we do not seek or respond to any signal lanes. We disagree with personally identifiable information in addition to the above services for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. When you are in direct contact with our website, you provide the privacy policy of others